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The Process

How the sessions go from intake

to endings.

The Process...

This is how we do things at Play Therapy SA

Intake: Before we start seeing a child, the Play Therapist will meet with the parents/carers without the child present. The intake session is an opportunity for the therapist to get an understanding of the issues and challenges being experienced and to set the stage for the therapeutic process to begin. A full history will also be taken. This is a great time for parents/carers to ask any questions they may have.

Sessions 1 – 5: The child will be collected in the waiting room by the therapist. If the child is resistant or anxious the therapist will help the child through these feelings. Sessions will be scheduled weekly with each session lasting 45 minutes and taking place at the same time each week.

After every five sessions the parents/carers and the therapist will meet for an update session, this is an opportunity for discussion while ensuring the child’s confidentiality is upheld at all times.

And so the cycle continues with every five sessions followed by a parent update session. The length of the Play Therapy process varies in every case but most children will complete an average of 20 - 30 sessions.

Endings: When we have decided together that the child has come to the end of their therapeutic journey we will give them 2 or more sessions to have a healthy goodbye. We will ask parents to complete a follow up questionnaire to show change and we will offer a last parent update session.

Even though its an ending, it doesn't have to be forever! Children are always welcome back and do often return when things pop up in their lives that they need to process and play out. Often it is for a shorter period but it is always relished by our therapists who get to see their clients again! 

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