Play Therapy

Family Play Therapy can benefit both parents and children by facilitating improved relationships and often leading to marked improvement when children face behavioural and psychosocial challenges. It may also be effective in the prevention of future difficulties, as it addresses problems within the family system and gives parents tools they can use to more effectively respond to their children.

How it works:

Intake: Firstly Renae will meet with the parent(s) without the child present. The intake session is an opportunity for the therapist to get an understanding of the issues and challenges being experienced and to set the stage for the therapeutic process to begin.

Session 1: We always start with the 'build a house' technique' which helps the therapist gain incite into how the family works together, where their strengths are and the areas they need to work on.

Session 2 - 4: These sessions are based on the initial session, so activities will look different for each family. The activities can be things like playing a board game, making a sand-tray, puppet play or playing 'mirror me' games. The activities are always fun and include the whole family! There is also usually time for 'child-led' play where the child/ren can explore the playroom and parents can try out some play therapy skills like 'reflecting feelings' and 'narrating play'.


Session 5: The parent(s) and their therapist will meet for an update session, this is an opportunity for discussion on how the sessions have gone, feedback from the therapist, future direction and a time for the therapist to teach some new skills! 

Sessions 6 - 9: These sessions build on what was discussed at the update session and builds the strengths of the family whilst still working on areas of need.


Session 10: Another update session with parents to see how things are going from their point of view - the therapist will also share the changes and growth seen during sessions. Decisions about finishing up with one last session or continuing. 

If finishing - Session 11: Possibly the last session - the goodbye session where everyone gets to have a healthy goodbye and create a keepsake to remember their time together!

If continuing - another 4 sessions followed by an update.

The length of the process varies in every case but most families will complete a minimum of 11 sessions.

Family Play Therapy can be claimed under NDIS

(self and plan managed only)

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