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Helping children who need help.


We are the largest and longest running Play Therapy private practice in South Australia with three sites; Gawler, Payneham and Salisbury with 7 Play Therapists on the team.

We offer many different approaches and ensure that the approach chosen is in the best interest of the child and family. We never stop learning!

Our Play Therapy strategy is unique as we have the ability to take on Provisional Play Therapists who are currently studying their Masters of Play Therapy (min Grad Cert level completed) or who have finished their Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy. This means that sometimes your therapist will still be in the learning phase and not only do you get to help a therapist grow to his or her full potential, your child gets to experience the most fresh and passionate therapists around!

We are proud member of ACON’s Welcome Here Project. We welcome, celebrate and include LGBTIQ+ people.


Our Story

Our predominant approach at Play Therapy SA is child-centred. Every session, every meeting, every supervision and every training is focused on the child and what the child needs. This ensures that what we do really works and we can truly help the children that need help.


We began our journey as one of the first Play Therapy practices in South Australia in January 2018. From there, we worked hard to grow while spreading the knowledge of Play Therapy to anyone that would listen! Quickly parents and carers realised how beneficial this approach is for their children and the word has spread! We have been able to scale (opening two more sites) and employ more Play Therapists which meant helping more children! We currently help over 80 children per week over the 3 sites.

We look forward to continuing to grow, learning more approaches and helping more and more children throughout South Australia.

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2 Main North Rd, Gawler SA 5118
65 Portrush Rd Payneham, SA 5069
64 Park Tce Salisbury, SA 5108

Call or Text us: 0493438048

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